Concerned about "Porch Pirates"? Sign up for The Holding Place services!

WHAT IS THE HOLDING PLACE? The Holding Place is a new concept - a service center designed with you in mind! We help consumers and businesses, people just like you! One of our services is Package Holding which means we receive, secure, hold, and safely return packages to YOU! If you sell merchandise online, we can help you get merchandise to your customers! No need to compare schedules! No need for a meet up! Our customers can use our package services and designate The Holding Place as their pick up center! We do these things and a whole lot more! Oh! And we are a great place to shop! We offer merchandise from local artisans, designers, and small businesses! Curious?




The Holding Place was featured in a short film titled The Everyday Reach! The film will premier in August 2019!


You can purchase a Service Pack for only $20! That secure up to 6 packages!* A Service Pack is perfect to cover you during vacation travel or gift receiving while you Honeymoon!

*some package weights incur additional charges.


We are the host to over 15 vendors ( local authors, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and inventors) and resellers who use The Holding Place to: (1) sell their goods, (2) get product feedback from consumers, (3) show off their handiwork, and (4) deliver merchandise to customers.  It’s a great place to shop!

Customers say, ‘There is always something new at The Holding Place!


Sign up with us and then you can tell your  customers what they can drop off or pick up at The Holding Place! No more comparing busy schedules! Call to discuss your business needs!


Even our regular customers say, “There is always something new at The Holding Place!”

  • As fast as possible, we’re  loading what we’re holding and now you can browse and shop The Holding Place merchandise online! >>> SHOP
  • FREE! FREE! FREE!  It is ALWAYS FREE to set up a package holding account at The Holding Place! Please consider doing so before peak shipping season begins!

Happy summer!

The Holding Place is open by appointment during market season- May – September. Tuesday – Saturday 12pm – 6pm  *

* We DO rescue packages and represent our vendors off site.  Please give us a call before visiting the showroom at 2553 East 55th Place, Indianapolis, In. 46220. Thanks! 

(We’re one block east of Keystone & one block south of N. 56th Street near Meijer!)



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